Magic Twist Hair Sponge Brush,  
Magic Twist Hair Sponge Brush,

Magic Twist Hair Sponge Brush, Dreads Locks Afro Braid Wave Hair Brush For Natural Hair Twist.

The hottest trend in the natural hair community in the curly, twisted look people often search for. A product that can help them achieve their defined look. the solution is the twist up sponge brush, its a styling tool that help you easily create this look

FUNCTIONAL - Shorter hair becomes full-bodied with coils, while longer hair can be built up into shaped Coil.
FAST & SAFE - Gives you a great fashionable hair style in just a few minutes without damaging your hair.
EASY USE - Just run this brush lightly over your head, moving it in small circles. Your hair will be gathered into coils and twists.

1. The hair sponge brush should be used on damp hair, and with or without your favorite styling product to help it keep its shape once you have it looking the way you want it. 
2. The brush has two sides, one flat with holes and one spiky. Both sides can be used the same way; the spiky side generally creates bigger coils and the flat side smaller. Feel free to experiment and see which is best for you.

Using method:
1. You just run sponge brush over your hair, moving it in circles as you go. Imagine you're drawing circles about two inches across on your head, making spirals as you move along. Use only light pressure, and always keep the circles rotating in the same direction, all over your head. This circling motion with the sponge brush will gently pull your hair together into coils and twists, building it up and giving it body and depth. In only a few minutes, your hairstyle will be done and you'll have a beautiful new look.
2. If you want some further tips on using a sponge brush, you can find videos on youtube

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